Inspired by design

Hotel & Resort Design

H+R | Hotel & Resort Design is the leading publication for hospitality interior design, bringing design aficionados and readers worldwide the best design coverage on world-class luxury hotels and resorts. From narratives on bespoke hotels, resorts, spas, and all other hospitality-oriented projects by renowned architects and interior designers to visually engaging presentations of timeless products and enriching brand stories, we aim to offer our audience an exclusive look at the inspiration and ingenuity behind these exquisite designs.

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Office Concept Design

OC | Office Concept is an international, industry-leading workplace and corporate office interior design publication and website offering relevant, engaging and substantial content on workplace design. In tandem with the growing demand for a new generation of collaborative workspaces, topics that include workplace concepts driven by work-life balance, office technology as well as state-of-the-art innovations geared for the work environment also form part of our editorial content.

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Dots Per Inch Printing

DPI | Dots Per Inch printing is part of the professional service by Kenneth Media and serves a wide range of marketing and creative needs for the company’s vast portfolio, as well as external clients. Its printing specialists help produce and execute premium quality booklet printing especially coffee table booklets, monographs, and brochures for multinational companies such as architect and interior design firms, branded furniture companies, and property developers from its established long-term business relationships and collaboration showcasing their signature projects and products design through Hotel & Resort and Office Concept design magazines.

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